CAET Chinese Book Edition Published

The first volume of CAET Chinese Book edition is published in April 2022. The volume includes some 20 exciting articles covering a range of art forms including visual art/dance/drama/music education and therapy. It is divided into three parts: Overview, Local Practice, East Meets West with total number of160,000 words with images from the articles included.

The book is a result of global collaboration: over 30 authors from China and overseas including past Co-Editor-in-Chief Prof. Shaun McNiff, a doze of translators and proofreaders, sponsored by IACAET (International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy) and Inspirees (publisher).  It is a manifesto of the important work of ours and will be given as gifts (free copy) to all the Chinese members IACAET, and later made available to the Chinese institutions in both print and electronic format.

Congratulations to all our authors!  On behalf of CAET and IACAET, we want to thank you for your wonderful contribution to this book and our global community. We look forward to more collaboration with our authors in the future.

List of selected articles and contributors

A China Focus on the Arts and Human Understanding, Shaun McNiff

The Tao of Poiesis : Expressive Arts Therapy and Taoist Philosophy, Stephen K. Levine

Creating Lives through Art – An Introduction to Outsider Art in China with Reflections on Outsider Art: Visionary Worlds and Trauma by Daniel Wojcik, Shaun McNiff

Outsider Art in China — An Interview with Guo Haiping

GUO Haiping A Dialogue with Daniel Wojcik on “Grassroots” Artistic Expression & Its Redemptive Power, Shaun McNiff

Polarities and Dualities: East West Perspectives in Art Therapy with a Refugee Woman from Central Africa, Debra Kalmanowitz

Stitching East and West, Ingrid Wang, Deborah Green

A Reunion of East and West: Reflections on the Roots of Creative Arts Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Krystal Demaine

Dance movement therapy in Asia: an overview of the profession and its practice, Tony Yu Zhou, Nayung Kim, Yukari Sakiyama, Rainbow Tin Hung Ho, Devika Mehta et. al.

Be Fluent in Your Other Native Language, Karen Bradley, Tony Yu Zhou

An exploration of the Andai dance form (from the Horqin area of Inner Mongolia) from a dance/movement therapy perspective. Sharina

The Construction of “Traditional”: Imaginative Reshaping of Chinese Classical Dance in an International Context, Tian Tian

Physical Conversations between the East and West: An Arts Based Inquiry into the Cross-Cultural Emotional Climate during a Time of Political Tensions, Steve Harvey et. al.

Art-Based Learning in Business in Mainland China, Peng Yong-wen

Colloquium: The Creative and Expressive Arts in Education, Research and Therapy–Focus on China

Music Education in China: Current Situation, Major Problems and Future Development, Dong Fang

Western-trained music therapist in China: Set up a Music Therapy program in Chinese Medical Setting, Li Qian

Educational and Therapeutic Drama in China, Ma Li-wen, Peng Yong-wen

Dramatherapy, Tai Chi & Embodiment, Clive Holmwood

Symmetry: Fusion of Arts and Sciences, Jenny Zhou

Ch’i and Artistic Expression: An East Asian Worldview that Fits the Creative Process Everywhere, Shaun McNiff

In Response to Ch’i and Artistic Expression from the Perspective of Art and Yoga, Hari Kirin Khalsa

A Reaction to Shaun McNiff’s Article on Ch’i and Artistic Expression From the Perspective of Related Construct of “Flow” From the Laban Bartenieff Movement System, Karen Studd

Nature and Human Expression through Ch’i, KK Lai

Pacha and Ch’i: A Vision from Peru, José Miguel Calderón

A Response from Italy to Shaun McNiff’s Ch’i and Artistic Expression, Mimma Della Cagnoletta

An Environmental and Eco-Psychological Perspective on the Creative Function, in Response to Shaun McNiff’s Ch’i and Artistic Expression, Alexander Kopytin