Alexander Kopytin, PhD

Mechnokov University, Russia
Editorial Board Member

Alexander Kopytin is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, professor in the psychotherapy department at Northwest Medical I. Mechnokov University, head of postgraduate training in art therapy at the Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Training at St. Petersburg, and chair of the Russian Art Therapy Association. He introduced group interactive art psychotherapy in 1996 and has since initiated, supported, and supervised numerous art therapy pro­jects dealing with different clinical and non-clinical populations in Russia. Dr. Kopytin has also written and edited several books on art therapy and art psychotherapy. His recent publications include Kopytin A., Rugh M. (Eds.) (2016). Green Studio: nature and the arts in therapy (NY, NY: Nova Science Publishers) and Kopytin A., Rugh M. (Eds.). (2017). Environmental expressive therapies: Nature- assisted theory and practice (NY, NY: Taylor & Francis), Kopytin A., Lebedev A. (2018) Clinical art psychotherapy with war veterans (NY, NY: Nova Science Publishers )

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