Mimma D. Cagnoletta, PhD

Association Art Therapy Italiana, Italy
Editorial Board Member

Mimma Della CAGNOLETTA is a Psychologist, psychoanalyst, art therapist in Italy. She has been practicing art therapy for 30 years, training and teaching students and professionals in the mental health field.  She co-founded, together with M.Belfiore and M.LaMonica, the Association Art Therapy Italiana, for the development of Art and Dance Therapy in Italy. ATI opened a training school in 1984, that it is now providing 4 different programs (Art Therapy Diploma and Dance Movement Diploma, Master in Clinical Art Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy, Expressive Psychotherapy Institute, Training Program for Supervisor).  Mimma has been teaching art therapy in several schools and institutes, courses and seminars and at the University of Milan, Medical Studies, Psychiatric Rehabilitation.  She has been coordinator for projects and research in the use of art media and art therapy in prevention and care.

Mimma Della Cagnoletta博士(意大利):意大利著名心理学家,精神分析师,艺术治疗师。意大利艺术治疗协会创始人之一,至今已经创立了四个培训项目(表达性艺术治疗,创意舞动,临床艺术治疗与舞蹈治疗,督导培训)。她一直在包括米兰大学的医学研究中心和精神康复系执教。

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