Ting Tina Chen

Tong Ji University, Hong Kong

Professor Ting Tina Chen- Founding Member and Head of Dance, Dance Division, College of Arts and Media, Tong Ji University; Chief Representative, Royal Academy of Dance China; Committee Member of the Ministry of Education Higher Education Institutions Music and Dance Disciplines Advisory Committee; Member, Royal Academy of Dance Education Committee; Fellow, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

陈婷教授- 同济大学艺术与传媒学院舞蹈专业创办人、专业主任、教授、硕士生导师;英国皇家舞蹈学院驻中国首席代表;教育部高等学校音乐与舞蹈学类专业教学指导委员会委员;英国皇家舞蹈教师协会院士;英国皇家舞蹈学院教育委员会委员。