Shaun McNiff, PhD

University Professor Emeritus
Lesley University, USA
Co-Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Shaun McNiff is author of Imagination in Action: Secrets for Unleashing Creative Expression; Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting GoArt HealsArt as MedicineIntegrating the Arts in Therapy; Art-Based Research; Art as Research and other books. An exhibiting painter who has had a seminal influence on the areas of creativity enhancement, the arts and healing, and art-based research, he has lectured and taught throughout the world. McNiff has received various honors and awards for his work including the Honorary Life Member Award of the American Art Therapy Association. He established the first integrated arts in therapy and education graduate training program at Lesley University from which the field of expressive arts therapy emerged and in 2002 Lesley appointed him as its first University Professor.

Shaun McNiff 教授(美国): CAET期刊联合主编及首创成员,心理学博士,美国马萨诸塞州Lesley 大学首席教授(2002年)及表达性艺术治疗研究生项目创始人(1974年)。世界公认的创造力提升领域的专家。他是美国艺术治疗协会前任主席及协会1997年终身成就奖得主。McNiff教授先后编著和发表了50多本书的章节和150多篇期刊和杂志文章。香港大学表达性艺术治疗的研究生培训项目顾问。世界艺术治疗著名期刊《心理治疗中的艺术》Arts in Psychotherapy(爱思唯尔出版)的编委之一。

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