Guo Hai-ping
Nanjing Outsider Arts Studio

Guo Haiping (b.1962, Nanjing) is a contemporary artist, the pioneer of Chinese Outsider art, the founder of Nanjing Outsider art studio and the chief editor of Outsider art Series. He devoted himself to the discovery and research of Outsider art of people with mental disturbance for changing the environment of Chinese culture. He established the first art institute for the mental patients in 2010 and established two Outsider art studios in the community of Jianye District and the community of Gulou Distirct in Nanjing. His books include Out of the maze of mind, Sunbathe: art projects of 20 years, I am sick, therefore I am, Notes of Outsider art in China.

郭海平(1962年生,南京),当代艺术家,中国原生艺术的先驱,南京原生艺术工作室创始人和原生艺术系列主编。 他致力于探索和研究心理障碍人士的原生艺术,以改变中国的文化环境。 他于2010年成立了第一家精神病患者艺术中心,并在南京建业区和鼓楼区建立了两个原生艺术工作室。 他的书包括《走出迷茫的心灵》,《日光浴:20年的艺术项目》,《我病顾我在》,《中国原生艺术手记》。

CAET publications:

  1. Chen, S.S., Guo, H.P. Haiping (2018). Outsider Art in China — An Interview with Guo Haiping. Creative Arts Education and Therapy – Eastern and Western Perspectives. Vol 4 (1). 

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