Clive Holmwood, PhD

Senior Lecturer
University of Derby, UK

Dr Clive Holmwood is a UK registered Dramatherapist with over 20 years’ experience who has worked with children and adults in the public, private and voluntary sectors. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Dramatherapy and Creative Expressive Therapies at the University of Derby and a Director of Creative Solutions Therapy Ltd. He gained his PhD from the University of Warwick in Education, and his thesis was published by Routledge in (2014) as Drama Education and Dramatherapy – exploring the space between disciplines. He is also the co-editor of The International Handbook of Dramatherapy published by Routledge in 2016. His latest work Taylor, J. Holmwood, C. (eds) (2018) Learning as a Creative and Developmental Process in Higher Education: A Therapeutic Arts Approach and its Wider Applications will be published later this year.

Clive Holmwood博士是英国注册戏剧治疗师,拥有超过20年的从业经验,曾在公共、私人和志愿机构与儿童和成年人一起工作过。他目前担任德比大学戏剧治疗和创造表达性治疗的高级讲师,同时也是创意治疗有限公司的董事。他在英国华威大学获得了教育学博士学位。其毕业论文《戏剧教育和戏剧治疗 – 探索学科之间的空间》,在2014年由Routledge出版社发表。他还是2016年由Routledge出版的《国际戏剧治疗手册》的编辑之一。他的最新作品《学习作为高等教育中的创意和发展过程:治疗性艺术方法及其更广泛的应用》将于今年下半年出版。