Ying Ingrid Wang
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Ying (Ingrid) Wang, PhD, (Clinical) Master of Arts therapy, Master of Design. Ying is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Auckland. Her research interests include arts-based research in arts therapy, education, wellbeing and social transformation. She has presented internationally on arts-based research. She has also published a wide range of book chapters and academic journal articles. Her teaching background includes lecturing in design and research supervision for arts therapy. She also practices as a registered arts therapist specializing in displacement trauma, sexual trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Publications with CAET

Green, D., & Wang, I. (2017). Stitching East and West. Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET)3(1), Pages 26 – 43. Retrieved from https://caet.inspirees.com/caetojsjournals/index.php/caet/article/view/39

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