Webinar: International Conversation on Arts and Trauma (ICAT), June 28, 2020

IACASE global connection webinar

International Conversation on Arts and Trauma (ICAT)
– From Deconstruction to Reconstruction through Covid-19

Presented by

International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE) & CAET open access journal

Watch the recording of this webinar https://inspirees.wistia.com/medias/isptyuvuci
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Following the success of IACASE webinar “Transformation of Crisis in Coronavirus Pandemic – Chinese and Global Perspectives“, April 5, 2020, we are going to organize a 3rd global connection webinar on June 28, 2020.

Please join IACASE and your colleagues around the world as together, we move to explore some of the ways that the arts are being used during the COVID 19 and attendant crises.  We will be hearing about some of the ways that embodied self-care and self-compassion practices, as well as expressive, creative and artistic expressions can serve individuals and communities in times of complexity and uncertainty . We know that the arts can help us move towards the healing of individual and collective traumatic events. We are living in challenging and unprecedented times. Our problems are global and existential- our lives are challenged as never before in this liminal space we are moving through as we learn to navigate with our own individual and collective fears, anxiety and patterns. We will hear from experts about some of the ways to work across disciplines, disparities, distortions and disconnections.

All around the world, we are all learning to live between deconstruction to reconstruction. On the body level this manifests as breathing our way back into self-regulation as we oscillate between fear and anxiety and hope and optimism. Our very existence is being threatened by an invisible enemy we ‘ingest’ through breathing it in. We who build our professional practice around breathing and embodiment are holding our breath waiting for this to pass. This event will highlight how the arts contribute towards our understanding and work with trauma and post traumatic growth,  and in the building of resilience.

We are being called upon to articulate our gifts-our contributions-the ways in which we can support , hold and contain ourselves and others through this period. We are interested in hearing from some of the leaders in our midst, and sharing some of our best practices. We will also create a dialogue between all participants so that we can build a collective learning space that supports self-care, self-compassion so that we can be of service to others. The creative arts can help us reach towards a new vision of the future where creativity is integral towards supporting health and well-being.



  • Ava Avalos, MD, Director, Careena Centre for Health, Botswana: Dancing in the Depths – Breathing, Relaxing and Facing Reality
  • Raymond Saner, The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND), Switzerland: Disparities, Disruptions and Discontinuities around the World during COVID-19
  • Nsamu Moonga, Deputy President, South African National Arts Therapies Association, South Africa/Zambia: Zyana Mbozyibidde; Dance to your own rhythm
  • Debra Kalmanowitz, PhD, The Academic College of Society and the Arts , Israel: Art in the Time of Corona The uncanny as juxtaposed with the familiar
  • Rainbow Ho, PhD, The University of Hong Kong, China: Calm down in crisis: achieving self-regulation through arts
  • Mitchell Kossak, PhD, Lesley University, USA: Hope and Harmony in an Uncertain World
  • Stan Strickland, Express Yourself, USA: Hope and Harmony in an Uncertain World
  • Ilene Serlin, PhD, Union Street Health Associates, USA: Bringing Embodiment Into an Increasingly Disembodied World
  • Phillip Speiser, PhD, Parkside Arts and Health, USA: There is hope somewhere (Song)

Who may participate?

This is the suggested event for the core members of IACASE as well as invited guests. ( up to 100 participants)

Date: June 28 (Sunday), 2020
Time: 9-11 am EST (US), 3-5 pm Amsterdam, 9-11 pm Beijing

Registration: Please fill the form online (if you already completed this survey and signed for this event, you don’t need to do again). After you are accepted for the webinar, you will receive a Zoom link by email from us.

Sponsor: Inspirees Institute (China)

Event partners: Inspirees Education Group, Lesley University, Drama for Life/University of the Witwatersrand, The University of Hong Kong, The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND)

Moon Represents My Heart (Chinese song played by Kenny G)
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