Annie Heiderscheit, PhD

Professor, Director
Cambridge Institute of Music Therapy Research, UK
Editorial Board Member

Dr. Annie Heiderscheit is Associate Professor of Music and Director of Music Therapy overseeing both the undergraduate and graduate music therapy programs at Augsburg University. She has over 20 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and almost 30 years of experience in a variety of healthcare and clinical settings. She also maintains a music therapy private practice and consults with major healthcare organizations. She is the Chair of the Publications Commission for the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) and editor of Music Therapy Today. She is the Chair of Communications for the International Association of Music and Medicine (IAMM). She frequently lectures and presents internationally, nationally and regionally and  has published extensively on her clinical work and research in over 20 chapters books and numerous peer reviewed journals. She has authored chapters on music therapy in eating disorder treatment, addictions, depression, spirituality, guided imagery and music, and surgical and procedural support. She edited a book entitled, The Creative Arts Therapies in Eating Disorder Treatment and recently co-authored a book entitled, Introduction to Music Therapy Practice, which will be available through Barcelona Publishers fall 2018. Dr. Heiderscheit also serves on the editorial boards of various peer-reviewed journals including Music Therapy Perspectives, Creative Arts & Expressive Therapies, Music and Medicine and regularly reviews articles for various peer-reviewed journals.

Annie Heidetscheit博士(美国):督导级别高级认证音乐治疗师,认证婚姻及家庭治疗师,美国明尼苏达大学身心健康中心副教授及儿童医院临床音乐治疗师,奥斯堡大学音乐治疗专业主任,世界音乐治疗联合会主席。先后主持和参与了经费在百万美金的科研课题。目前她是《音乐治疗视角》Music Therapy Perspectives(牛津大学出版社)和《音乐与医学》Music and Medicine(圣智出版社)的编委。

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