Webinar: Transformation of Crisis in Coronavirus Pandemic – Chinese and Global Perspectives, April 5, 2020

IACASE global connection webinar

Transformation of Crisis in Coronavirus Pandemic – Chinese and Global Perspectives

Presented by

International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE) & CAET open access journal

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing disease it is causing, COVID-19, is having a huge impact globally on human beings. Since China has gone through the initial stages and hopefully the height of this epidemic and has it seemingly under control at this stage, the virus continues to spread to other parts of the world, noticeably in Europe and the United States, causing a soaring death toll and consequently widespread anxiety and fear. This seminar, initiated by the International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education (IACASE) and CAET open access journal, aims to connect and unite our colleagues worldwide to support each other in this special period. Some Chinese speakers will join their counterparts abroad in the panel discussion of this webinar to share their Chinese perspectives and personal experiences involving body, creative arts and Chinese traditional knowledge to go through this crisis and transformation. This is also the support in return by the Chinese community to the world for their support to China in the past months.  We also want to stimulate the cross-cultural reflection and dialogue on the sustainable development of human beings in harmony with nature. This webinar, as a special session of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy – History,  Applications and Frontiers CAET webinar series, is presented in Zoom (video) and will be a highly interactive session with between panelists and the audience with some embodiment exercises, improvisations and artwork presentation.

This event is associated with the CAET Coronavirus special issue to be published in July 2020.



  • Joan Wittig (USA): Professor, Pratt Institute; Vice President, IACASE
  • Tony Yu Zhou (China/Netherlands): PhD, Founder, Executive Editor, CAET open access journal

Movement session facilitator

Marcia Plevin (Italy/USA): Co-founder, Creative Movement (Garcia-Plevin Methods®)

Who may participate?

Due to the limitation of the Zoom group size (maximum 100 people) and assurance of optimal quality of the webinar, participation is based on invitation for educators, practitioners, therapists, artists, and psychologists related to creative arts and somatics (body-mind) field, and associated with IACASE. We may organize more sessions in the future depending on the need.

Date: April 5 (Sunday), 2020
Time: 8am New York, 2pm Amsterdam, 8pm Beijing

More videos can be found online https://vimeo.com/user109350435

Friends for Life (Sarah Brightman & Josy Carreras)

Event sponsors

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