Ma Liwen, PhD

Associate Professor
Beijing Normal University, China
Co-Editor, EEC

Ma Liwen, Ph.D., Postdoctoral, is Associate Professor of Institute of Educational Psychology and School Counseling, the Founder and Director of Applied Drama and Expressive Arts Education Research Center, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China;Co-editor of the Journal Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives. Associate editor of the Journal Beijing International Review of Education. Her research ares are: Applied Drama, Expressive Arts in Education and Therapy, Mental health, Action Research. She is also an expert member of Art Therapy Group, Psychological Counseling and Clinical Committee of Chinese Psychology Society (CPS), member of the International Drama and Education Association. She devotes herself to promoting people’s mental health through drama and other expressive arts, and focuses on practice and study the self-awareness, critical reflection and active development of individuals and organizations in the arts process.

马利文博士,博士后,副教授。她就职于北京师范大学教育学部教育心理与学校咨询研究所,是应用戏剧与表达性艺术教育研究中心的创始人,主任;《创造性艺术教育与治疗:东西方视角》的联合主编;《北京国际教育评论》副主编。她的主要研究领域是应用戏剧,表达性艺术教育与治疗,心理健康和行动研究。她同时是中国心理学会心理咨询与治疗专业委员会专家委员会艺术学组成员;国际戏剧教育联盟成员;她致力于通过戏剧和表达性艺术促进人的心理健康; 并专注于实践和研究个人和组织在艺术过程中的自我觉察、批判性反思和主动发展。

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