Michal Lev, PhD

Ono Academic College, Israel
Co-Editor, EEC

Dr. Michal Lev is a board-certified art therapist, supervisor, and a certified family psychotherapist. Her clinical practice included inpatient and outpatient treatments for adults with mental health issues. In her established private practice for couples and families Michal incorporates expressive therapies to deal with intimacy issues and promote wellbeing. Michal is a faculty lecturer at the graduate art therapy program at Ono Academic College–ASA in Israel, advising students in their seminar thesis and promoting art-based pedagogy and research. Her published research and presentations focus on intimacy, art-based research, and creative process-oriented pedagogy.

Dr. Lev is the head of the approval committee for YAHAT – the Expressive Therapies Organization in Israel since 2016, supporting public legislation for expressive therapies. As a social activist, artist, and entrepreneur, she maintains artmaking for innovation, inquiry and knowledge within business environments. 

Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5337-6576

米哈.乐维博士是高阶认证艺术治疗师、督导师和认证的家庭心理治疗师。 她的临床实践包括为有心理健康问题的成年人提供住院和门诊治疗。 在她为夫妻和家庭建立的私人诊所中,米哈采用了表达疗法来处理亲密问题并促进幸福。 米哈 是以色列小野学院 ASA 研究生艺术治疗项目的讲师,指导学生论文写作并促进基于艺术的教学法和研究。 她发表的研究和讲座侧重于亲密关系、基于艺术的研究和以创造性过程为导向的教学法。

乐维博士自 2016 年起担任 YAHAT(以色列表达疗法协会)认证委员会的负责人,支持表达疗法的公共立法。作为一名社会活动家、艺术家和企业家,她致力于在商业环境中为创新、探究和知识进行艺术创作。

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