Ronald P.M.H. Lay

Programme Director, LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore
Editorial Board Member

Ronald Lay is passionate about his prolific and international career as an art therapist practitioner, educator, supervisor, researcher and artist.  He enthusiastically embraces collaborative opportunities to engage a range of communities through arts participatory projects, drawing reference to inclusivity, the celebration of one’s creativity and the importance of connectedness to others through the inherent power of artmaking.  He is recognized for his long-standing and profound work within forensic mental health with older adults, and he has been leading the first and only postgraduate art therapy programme in Southeast Asia since 2011.  He has an emerging research profile that compliments his practitioner, art and academic based approaches.  He maintains credentials and professional memberships with the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA), Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB), the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), and the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore (ATAS).  He provides workshops and presentations internationally on topics such as art therapy, forensic mental health, older adults, wellness, and the development of art therapy in Asia. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education from the University of Western Australia.

罗纳德·莱(Ronald Lay)是一位多产的国际艺术治疗师、教育家、导师、研究员和艺术家,他对自己的职业充满激情。他热情地拥抱合作的机会,通过艺术参与各种各样的包容性社区项目,通过艺术创作的内在力量鼓励一个人的创造力,以及与他人联系的重要性。他在老年人法医心理健康方面的长期而深刻的工作得到了认可,自2011年以来,他一直领导着东南亚第一个也是唯一一个研究生艺术治疗项目。他有丰富的研究资质,辅佐他的实践,艺术和学术为基础的方法。他是澳大利亚、新西兰和亚洲创意艺术治疗协会(ANZACATA)、艺术治疗证书委员会(ATCB)、美国艺术治疗协会(AATA)和新加坡艺术治疗师协会(ATAS)的认证人士及会员。他在国际上就艺术治疗、法医心理健康、老年人健康以及亚洲艺术治疗的发展等话题提供工作坊和演讲。他目前正在西澳大利亚大学攻读教育学博士学位。

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