CAET Webinar series: History, Applications & Frontiers
Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers which was launched in 2017 and has attracted audiences worldwide, at the end of 2018, a webinar series Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontiers will be launched by Inspirees Institute and CAET journal in affiliation with the Chinese Group of Arts Therapy associated with the Chinese Psychological Society. This series aims to bring professionals in arts education and therapy together throughout the world in order to stimulate a critical dialogue and to facilitate the networking opportunities that will strengthen our profession in line with the mission of CAET. Some of the most influential and promising educators, therapists and scientists will present webinars in this series including Robert Landy, Sue Jennings, Dick Swaab, Elissa White, Guo Haiping, Mitchell Kossak, et al.  The complete series consists of 37 sessions in seven modules in education and therapy relating to different art forms of music, drama, dance, expressive art, poetry and play. The six seasons will run from December 2018 through January 2020 – making it the biggest webinar series in this field so far in the world.Some of the speakers from CAET webinar series will be selected to present at the CAET World Forum held live in China and abroad from 2019. The revenues from this webinar series will be used to sponsor the open access publishing of CAET journal.At this point, 35 partner institutions have joined the CAET webinar series including universities, training institutes, professional societies, hospitals, performing groups, museums and media – both in China and abroad. This helps us to build up the network for future international collaboration between China and the west.

2018年底,亿派学院和CAET期刊,协同中国艺术治疗学组将推出一个在线讲座系列:“创造性艺术教育和治疗–历史、应用和前沿”。本系列旨在将全球艺术教育和艺术治疗专业的专业人士汇集起来,促进平等的交流对话以及专业社区的建立和学科发展, 这是与CAET的目标和使命是一致的。

一些最有影响力和最有潜力的教育家、治疗师和科学家将在本在线系列讲座中进行报告, 包括Robert Landy, Sue Jennings, Dick Swaab, Elissa White, 郭海平, Mitchell Kossak等等。 整个系列一共37讲,七个模块,包含艺术教育和治疗中不同的艺术形式 – 音乐、戏剧、舞蹈、美术、诗歌和游戏等。系列总共六季,将从2018年12月一直持续到 2020年1月, 使之成为世界上迄今为止本领域最大的网络研讨会系列。


Modules Speaker Country Institution Topic
Module 1

Music Therapy


1.    Dr. Annette Heiderscheit US Augsburg College Music therapy in global perspectives
2.    Dr. Chen Xijing China Chinese Academy of Sciences Application of Music therapy in China
3.    Dr. Min-Jeong Bae South Korea Myongji University Music therapy development in South Korea
4.    Dr. Jane Edwards Australia University of New England Music therapy for children wellbeing

Module 2

Drama therapy


5.    Prof. Chang Hsiao-hua Taiwan National Taiwan University of Arts Drama education and therapy in Taiwan
6.    Dr. Clive Holmwood UK Derby University Drama education and therapy: interface
7.    Prof. Robert Landy US New York University Drama therapy and photography
8.    Pam Dunne US Drama Therapy Institute The healing drama and poetry
9.    Prof. Phil Jones UK Institute of Education, University College London Dramatherapy core processes and the nature of change

Module 3

Art therapy


10.  Dr. Debra Kalmanowitz Israel The Academic College of Society and the Arts Out of our Mind: Art Therapy and mindfulness, resilience, adversity and refugees
11.  Guo Haiping/Hans Looijen China/The Netherlands Nanjing Outsider Art Studio/ Het Dolhuys Outsider arts in China and Europe
12.  Prof. Susan Hogan UK Derby University Aging gracefully as women
13.  Miao Shiming China WABC Development of art therapy with Chinese perspectives
14.  Amanda Levey New Zealand Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design The Creative Arts Therapies in New Zealand and Australia


Module 4

Dance therapy


15.  Dr. Diana Fischman Argentina Brecha Center Dance Movement Psychotherapy perspective from South Americans
16.  Elissa White US Pratt Institute The history of dance therapy in US
17.  Prof. Helen Payne UK University of Hertfordshire BodyMind Approach for medically unexplained symptoms
18.  Dr. Iris Braeuninger Switzerland University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education Zürich Evidence-based research in dance therapy
19.  Dr. Kim Dunphy Australia The University of Melbourne Assessing outcomes of dance movement therapy
20.  Prof. Vincenzo Puxeddu Italy European Association of Dance movement therapy (EADMT) Working as male therapist in dance movement therapy


Module 5

Integrated arts therapy


21.  Dr. Fran Levy US American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) Multi modal dance therapy
22.  Dr. Steve Harvey New Zealand/US Guam University Physical Conversations between the East and West: An Arts Based Inquiry into the Cross Cultural Emotional Climate
23.  Sarah Owen UK Eden Academy Dance Movement Therapy and Music Therapy; a marriage of empathy in the special school setting
24.  Irina Biryukova Russia DMT Dept Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis Arts therapy in Russia
25.  Mitchell Kossak US Lesley University Attunement in Expressive Arts Therapy: Towards an Understanding of Embodied Empathy 
Module 6

Arts & Neuroscience


26.  David Leventhal US Mark Morris Dance Group Dance for Parkinson
27.  Prof. Dick Swaab The Netherlands The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Art and Brain – A neuroscientist’s perspective
28.  Karen Bradley US Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) Laban movement analysis and neuroscience
29.  Prof. Sue Jennings UK Derby University Neuro-Dramatic-Play


Module 7

Arts, Culture & Society


30.  Dr. Tian Tian China Beijing Dance Academy Dance & Drama Composition in China
31.  Joan Wittig US Pratt Institute Dance Therapy in Chinese Culture – Eastern and Western Bodies
32.  Dr. Peng Yong-wen China Shanghai Theater Academy Poetry therapy: the experiences of US and the tradition of China
33.  Prof. Tina Chen/Prof. Wanying China Tongji University/Wuhan Conservatory of Music Art education in Chinese university: tradition and innovation
34.  Andrew Greenwood UK/The Netherlands Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation Dance for the health – A EU social-economic module for health management
35.  Ruben van Leer The Netherlands Ruben van Leer Film Production Symmetry movie – When art meets science
36.  Teresa Eca Portugal Open University of Lisbon Connecting Jewels: Art Processes to promote learning and social Inclusion
37.  Panelists Worldwide Worldwide Move arts forward: evaluation and resilience
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