Featured Artist - Zhang Huan

  • Stephen K. Levine, Ph. D., D.S.Sc. The European Graduate School, Switzerland
Keywords: Performance art, the body, spiritual being, life and death, Buddhism, temple ash paintings, Chinese tradition and modern art, expanding the boundaries of art, art and the political, questioning society, art and daily life

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Creative Arts Educ Ther (2018) 4(1):58–65 DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2018/4/6

Featured Artist - Zhang Huan



Zhang Huan, 張洹; born 1965, is an internationally known contemporary Chinese artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums both in China and in the West. He is best known as a performance artist in the West, making pieces involving his own body and that of others and often subjecting them to extreme conditions. However, even during this period of his work, Zhang Huan has always tried to show spiritual being manifesting itself through bodily suffering. In recent years his artwork has taken a more obvious spiritual turn, using ash from temple incense and often referring to Buddhist themes and images expressing the transitory character of human life.


张洹,生于1965年,是一位国际知名的中国当代艺术家,他的作品曾在中国和西方的众多画廊和博物馆展出。他对于西方最出名的是作为表演艺术家,经常通过让他自己和他人身体处于极端条件下,来创造作品。 然而,即使在他的这段工作期间,张洹也总是试图通过身体上的痛苦展示出精神上的主张。近年来,他的艺术作品采用了更加明显的精神转向,使用了寺庙香火中的灰烬,并经常提到佛教主题和表达人类生活短暂特征的意象。

关键词: 表演艺术, 身体, 精神存在, 生死, 佛教, 寺庙灰画, 中国传统和现代艺术, 拓展艺术边界, 艺术和政治, 质疑社会, 艺术和日常生活的界限


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