Webinar: The Intersection between the Arts in Education, Health, Community and Therapy in International contexts

The Intersection between the Arts in Education, Health, Community and Therapy in International contexts: Tradition, Innovation and Breakthroughs

Presented by IACAET

March 7, 2021, 10-12 EST

This webinar is intended for artists, community workers, educators and therapists who use and integrate the arts and creative process into their personal and professional practice. Creative expression has proven to be a timeless and universal vehicle for learning, community enhancement, innovation, healing, recovery and well-being. Multi-disciplinary dialogues will take place among speakers/experts from different sectors on the important role art is playing  in this new era of human civilization. Experientials are included in the webinar.   

Featuring expressive art therapy, dance therapy/somatics, music therapy, drama therapy and education.

International speakers includes:

  • Prof. Shaun McNiff, PhD, Expressive Art Therapy, Lesley University (US)
  • Prof. Vivien Marcow Speiser, PhD, Dance/Movement Therapy, Lesley University (US)
  • Stacey Bush, PhD, Therapeutic Arts Practice Master Program, MIECAT Institute (Australia)
  • Prof. Stephen Clift, Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), International Centre for Community Music, York St John University (UK)
  • Jun Hu, Hangzhou Normal University, International Society for Education through Art (China)
  • Prof. Amia Lieblich, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Academic College of Society and the Arts/ Ono Academic College (Israel)
  • Devika Mehta, R-DMP (UK), Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy at St.Xavier’s College (India)
  • Nsamu Moonga, music therapist and psychotherapist, South African National Art Therapy Association (Zambia)
  • Warren Nebe, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • Naj Wikof, Vice President, the National Organization of Arts and Health (US)
  • Tony Yu Zhou, PhD, CMA, CAET (open access journal), Inspirees Institute (China/The Netherlands)

Details and registration online

International Panel of the webinar
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