Kathryn Grushka, PhD

Senior Lecturer
University of Newcastle, Australia
Editorial Board member

Dr Kathryn Grushka is a passionate visual artist, community artist, arts educator and an internationally published interdisciplinary visual arts researcher residing in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Her research is grounded in the benefits of the visual arts to understanding self and how engagement in and with the Arts supports the maintenance of personal health and well-being. This focus finds her researching with communities, crossing education, medical and health settings, such as aged care and disabilities. Kathryn’s practice and research scholarship draws on neuroscience, enactive cognition, creative learning and Deleuzoguattarian thinking. Her focus includes the performative work of making in the visual arts, the connection between art/science, both in educational and medical transdisciplinary research; arts-education and its methods in nurturing critical, ethical and caring individuals; narrative research and the significance of story-telling for individuals and across cultures; arts-based methods; the performative work of image construction; critical and social inquiry; subjectivity insights; embodied learning and visual performative pedagogies as they surround the contemporary subject. 

ORCID ID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4228-3606

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