‘Harmony in Diversity’ – 2019 International Conference on Art Therapy

Master Confucius once recorded in the Doctrine of the Mean (Zhongyong), ‘All things are nourished together without their injuring one another. The courses of the seasons, and of the sun and moon, are pursued without any collision among them.’

Art therapy makes use of the diversified, artistic and powerful methods of the arts, to cultivate the understanding of the world, the human heart and the rational mind, where love and happiness can be brought to the world.

Art therapists from all around the world have skilfully developed numerous art therapy methods that demonstrate high originality, diversity, flexibility and efficiency. The 2019 International Conference on Art Therapy aims to provide an international exchange platform that allows for the integration of culture and talents, to gather wisdoms of the world into an enormous ‘melting pot’, where art therapists and their unique healing techniques from all over the world may sparkle and shine.

In this third conference we hold, the 2019 ICAT will continue to inherit the vision of the last two conferences, where profits will be donated to those in need in the society. We truly believe ‘many a little makes a mickle’, with the professional knowledge contributions of guest speakers, the active participation and feedback of participants, and the generous donations of enthusiasts, this conference will flourish and reach our goal of ‘sharing love, transforming lives’. Let us all witness the miracles of life.

In recent years, the abolishment of the license of the certificate system of psychological counsellors in mainland China has remarkable consequences, one of which is the surge in demand for professional psychotherapy trainings. More and more people are seeking for professional and internationalized system trainings, which reflects that psychotherapists in mainland China have a high pursuit of knowledge. The conference hopes that through the collision of professional knowledge of art therapy experts from different countries, regions and sectors, it could provide an eye-opening experience for participants to acquire the most innovative, cutting-edge and practical art therapy theories and techniques. These experiences not only form the basis for academic research and clinical practice, they also create a platform for face-to-face communications with art therapy peers from around the world, where professional networking, mutual cooperation and development can be achieved, fostering win-win situations.

More about the conference

Date: November 1 – 3, 2019

Venue: Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

For the program and other details, please visit www.2019icat.com

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