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We are very excited to announce that CAET has been accepted on April 23, 2023 for Scopus, the prestigious abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. This is a milestone for the journal and the recognition of CAET’s vision, value and important contribution to our field.  We want to thank our editorial board and team, and all our authors all for your great support since the establishment of CAET in 2015.  Together with the inclusion in DOAJ, the premier index for open access journals, CAET is now well positioned to attract more submissions with quality and grow into the next step with our mission to advance the East-West and global dialogue and human understanding, and continue to have impact on in academic world.

HUGE congratulations to our CAET team!

In their review, The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) cited how CAET “is unquestionably international” and “has a clear research identity with impressive editors and boards.”

Currently, CAET is the only journal indexed in Scopus with the focus on east/China-west-global perspectives in the field of creative arts education and therapy.

Check Scopus source for the included CAET titles.

This is an important development step for CAET in disseminating innovative and inclusive knowledge in arts, health and education. CAET will keep its mission and vision on East/China-West focus by which we strive to make further unique contribution to the academic and professional fields. We thank our editorial board, expecially Executive Editorial Committee (EEC), and our authors who helped to make this happen.
– Dr. Tony Yu Zhou, Founding and Executive Editor

In founding CAET in 2015, Tony Zhou set the goal of inclusion into the world’s learning academic journal databases and led our community with imagination and intellectual rigor to achieve this goal. With Scopus now joining DOAJ and others, this important recognition has been realized, and the journal is positioned to fully realize its mission as the first to advance East-West and global perspectives on all forms of artistic expression in education, therapy, and human understanding. – Prof. Shaun McNiff, Co-Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Tony Zhou’s imagination and initiative has grown into this truly international journal.  CAET, with its origins in Eastern and Western perspectives adds a global outlook to the field of the creative arts in therapy and education. The recognition by Scopus positions CAET to be more accessible to the global community to which this journal so importantly gives a voice. – Dr. Debra Kalmanowitz, Co-Editor-in-Chief Emeritus 

About Scopus

Established in 2004, Scopus works with 7,000 publishers in 105 countries to provide content from 27,950 active peer-reviewed journals with 6,126 open access journals indexed. In Feb 2023, Scopus achieved a significant data milestone – Scopus now includes over 90 million records!

Stringent standards: every year, approximately 3,500 new titles are suggested for inclusion in Scopus, but only 33% of those titles meet the technical criteria of our independent review board. And of those roughly 1,200 titles, only 50% are accepted after CSAB review. Read more about Scopus.

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