Ulrich Sollmann

German Association of Bioenergetic Analysis, Germany
Editorial Board Member

Ulrich SOLLMANN, President of the German Association of Bioenergetic Analysis. social psychologist, certified gestaltpsychotherapist and body psychotherapist, supervisor and coach. Journalist, book author and blogger. Lecturer at various universities like Fudan Shanghai, Academy of Sciences Beijing, Vienna, Göttingen and others. Guest professor at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law since 2018. International trainer and supervisor in the field of body psychotherapy, body language / body diagnostics and coaching. Busy in the fields of health care, body psychotherapy and psychosomatics, stress management, body-approach as well as body language, management and leadership, communication and cooperation. Also specialized in the field of sexuality, relational and gender issues. Member of the editorial, advisory boards of various international academic journals (CAET, IJP, E & C, PT Forum, Forum BA)

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