Helen Payne, PhD

University of Hertfordshire, UK
Editorial Board Member

Professor Helen Payne, PhD; UKCP; Fellow ADMP Reg. dance movement psychotherapist pioneered DMP in the UK leading the professional association, first post graduate accredited training, research and publications, President of IACAET (International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy).  She is trained in Laban Movement Analysis, Person-Centered Counselling, Group Analysis and Authentic Movement, works with children, adolescents and adults, conducts research, supervises PhDs, teaches and examines at doctorate level nationally/internationally. She is the founding editor-in-chief for the international peer reviewed journal ‘Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy’ published by Taylor and Francis. Trained in the discipline of authentic movement since 1994 she has been facilitating circles as a form of group psychotherapy ever since. She is clinical manager for the University of Hertfordshire’s Embodiment Lab which supports people with persistent bodily symptoms for which tests and scans come back negative. She has recently been honored to have been invited to join the Therapies Task Force for Medically Unexplained Symptoms. Her current publication is entitled ‘Essentials in dance movement psychotherapy: International perspectives on theory, research and practice’ published by Routledge.

Helen Payne教授,博士; 英国临床心理学家; 国际创艺教育与治疗协会 (IACAET)主席;英国舞蹈心理治疗师协会联合创立人,认证舞蹈运动心理治疗师;她是英国舞蹈心理治疗的先驱,领导着这个专业协会,并且创办了第一个授予硕士学位的培训,同时也从事研究和出版。她接受了“拉班动作分析”、“来访者为中心的咨询”、“团体分析和真实动作”等方面的培训,与儿童、青少年和成年人合作,进行研究,给博士生做督导,并为国内/国际的博士生进行教学和评估。她是泰勒和弗朗西斯出版的国际同行评审杂志《心理治疗中的身体、运动和舞蹈》的创始主编。自1994年以来,她一直接受“真实动作”这门学科的培训,自那以后,她一直在辅助推动小组圆圈成为团体心理治疗的一种形式。她是赫特福德大学临床项目负责人,为那些持续存在身体症状的人提供支持,这些身体症状的扫描与诊断结果通常是阴性的。她最近很荣幸被邀请加入无医学症状治疗的特别工作组。她近期的专著《舞蹈动作心理治疗要领:国际视角下的理论、研究和实践》,由Routledge在2018年被出版。

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