Book Review: Art Therapy in Asia, 2012

  • Patricia Fenner, Ange Morgan
Keywords: art therapy, spirituality, culture, values, focusing, 艺术治疗, 灵性, 文化, 价值, 关注

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Creative Arts Educ Ther (2017) 3(2):60–65DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2017/3/7

Book Review – Art Therapy in Asia, 2012

(Editors, Kalmanowitz, Potash & Chan)

书评 – 《2012年亚洲艺术治疗》

(Kalmanowitz,Potash&Chan 编辑)

Patricia Fenner, Ange Morgan

La Trobe University, Australia


Complexities in understandings of theory and practice in art therapy find rich turf in the Asian context. Culturally-specific therapeutic orientations are explored in this book through the use of both discursive and vignette forms. Approaches are contextualized according to philosophic and religious traditions and social meanings originating in countries including Japan, South Korean, China, Cambodia and Thailand. In the current socio-political world juncture, and at a time when the discipline of art therapy is being redefined, these contributions to the literature provide welcome and much needed conceptual nourishment.


艺术治疗理论和实践的复杂性在亚洲范围内找到了丰饶的沃土。 本书探讨了文化特定的治疗定向,通过使用话语和小插曲的形式。 根据来自日本,韩国,中国,柬埔寨和泰国等国家的哲学和宗教传统和社会意义,背景化方法和干预。 在当前的社会政治社会契合,当艺术治疗学科正在被重新定义的时候,这些对文献的贡献提供了受欢迎并非常必要的概念性补充。


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