A China Focus on the Arts and Human Understanding

  • Shaun McNiff Lesley University, USA
Keywords: artistic understanding, artistic inquiry, transcultural expression, art as a force of nature, creative energy, qi, wu wei, Thomas Berry, 藝術化理解, 藝術化探索, 跨文化表達, 自然之力的藝術, 創造性能量, 氣, 無為, 湯瑪斯·貝利

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Creative Arts Educ Ther (2015) 1(1):6–14DOI: 10.15534/CAET/2015/1/3

A China Focus on the Arts and Human Understanding


Shaun McNiff

Lesley University, USA


The author’s empirical observations of artistic expression as a force of nature are discussed in relation to classical Chinese thought. Correspondence to nature is fundamental to the Taoist and Confucian traditions, both grounded in the idea that qi/ch’i (氣, vital energy/life force) is the energetic basis of creative transformation. The principle of te (德), spontaneous and authentic expression, is explored in relation to practical approaches to helping people everywhere access their unique and natural creative powers. Thomas Berry’s call for “a deep cultural therapy” in restoring a healthy relationship with nature suggests a need for paradigm expansion informing how the creative process and artistic understanding are approached today.


本文討論了作者對藝術表達作為自然之力與經典的中國思想之間關係的經驗觀察。回應自然對於道家和儒家傳統非常重要,兩者堅信“氣”是創造性轉化的能量基礎。關於“德”在自發性和真實表達中的基本原則及其幫助人們隨時隨地獲得自己獨特和自然創造力的實際方法在文中被加以探索。Thomas Berry呼籲的“深層文化療愈”來恢復與自然的健康關係提出了對一種模範擴展的需要來説明我們瞭解創造性的進程與藝術性的理解在當今如何能夠結合。


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