Featured Artist- Zhang Ping: Pioneering Ballroom Dance in China

  • Tony Yu Zhou Inspirees Institute, China
  • LiQing Fan Top China
  • XiaoYun Zheng Beijing Dance Academy, China
Keywords: ballroom dance, International cultural exchanges and cooperation, Art education

Article Information

Creative Arts Educ Ther (2019) 5(1):77–81 DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2019/5/10

Featured Artist- Zhang Ping: Pioneering Ballroom Dance in China



Zhang Ping, born in 1956, is the leader of ballroom dance in China. Through written interview, this paper records professor Zhang Ping’s contributions in the field of ballroom dance in recent years. As the founder of the ballroom dance subject of Beijing Dance Academy, how does professor Zhang Ping build up the subject step by step? And how to conduct cultural exchanges and docking work with western countries on the road of building Chinese ballroom dance? As a contemporary dancer and educator, professor Zhang Ping’s views on ballroom dance? And how to view the Chinese and western art education and practice?



关键词: 国际标准舞(交谊舞), 国际文化交流与合作, 艺术教育


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