Choreographing Changes: Narratives of Resistance and Healing

  • Sohini Chakraborty Kolkata Sanved, India
  • Maya Sen Kolkata Sanved, India
Keywords: Dance Movement Therapy, Sampoornata, Sexual Violence, Empowerment, Social Development

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Creative Arts Educ Ther (2019) 5(1):51–61 DOI: 10.15212/CAET/2019/5/7

Choreographing Changes: Narratives of Resistance and Healing



Kolkata Sanved is a pioneering organization in the field of dance movement therapy (DMT) in India and South Asia. The organization has pioneered the use of DMT for psychosocial rehabilitation and empowerment through its model, Sampoornata. This article aims to describe the Sampoornata approach of DMT1 for psychosocial rehabilitation through a case study on its applications with a survivor of human trafficking. Globally, almost 80% of human trafficking is related to sexual exploitation, and India is the hub of these crimes in Asia. Human trafficking affects the marginalized sections of society, with women and children being the prime target. Victims of sexual trafficking suffer from severe psychological and physical trauma, and if these symptoms are not addressed, their process of recovery is hampered. The child protection system is usually unable to meet these needs, forcing survivors to carry the burden of trauma into their future. A participant of Kolkata Sanved’s program, Ruhi,2 was one such girl who encountered the system. This is her story and how she used the Sampoornata approach to get a new lease on her life.


Kolkata Sanved 是印度和南亚舞蹈治疗领域的领军机构。机构使用Sampoornata的治疗模式, 是治疗和强化病人心理社会层面的先驱。文章意在描述这个被称作Sampoornata的舞蹈治疗方法, 并例举它在使用于一名人口贩卖幸存者身上的实例。全球近80%的人口贩卖涉及到性奴役, 而印度是亚洲的人口贩卖的中心。人口贩卖影响着社会中的弱势群体, 而女性和孩子是主要的受害者。性奴役的受害者受到严重的精神和肉体的创伤。如果这些症状不被解决, 那么他们的治疗过程就会受到阻碍。儿童保护设施通常不能满足这些需求, 迫使幸存者把创伤的负担一直带在身上。Kolkata Sanved的参与者之一名叫Ruhi, 她就是一个经历过这个系统中的女孩。这就是她的故事以及她如何使用Sampoornata的方法开启生活的新篇章。

关键词: 舞蹈动作治疗, Sampoornata, 性暴力, 使强大, 社会发展

1Sampoornata: An Emancipatory Model

2The Sampoornata approach of DMT described here was based on Sohini Chakraborty’s doctoral thesis.


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