Debra Kalmanowitz, PhD
The Academic College of Society and the Arts, Israel
Associate Editor, EEC

Debra KALMANOWITZ, MA, has worked extensively in the context of trauma, political violence, and social change, locally, internationally and in

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Ou Jian-ping, PhD
Director, Research Fellow
Chinese Academy of Arts, China

Professor OU Jian Ping: Director and Research Fellow of Dance Research Institute, Chinese National Academy of Arts 中国艺术研究院舞蹈研究所所长、研究员,硕士及博士研究生导师,屡获中外政府及文化机构的“研究员奖金”。主要研究方向为“中外舞蹈历史与美学的比较研究”,先后在海内外出版中英文专著译著29部。1998和2009年先后获文化部和中国舞协颁发的“优秀专家”和“突出贡献舞蹈家”称号。

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